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As a charitable service-based nonprofit organization (NPO) coordinating individuals, businesses, academia and governments with interests in High Technology, Big Data and Cybersecurity, we bridge the global digital divide by providing supercomputing access, applied research, training, tools and other digital incentives “to empower the underserved and disadvantaged.”

WesternGeco and Unique Digital have offered places to meet!

27 Sep 2010 9:11 PM | The Society of HPC Professionals (Administrator)

WesternGeco and Unique Digital have offered places to meet!

WesternGeco and Unique Digital have graciously agreed to provide their meeting facilities to host our SHPCP meetings. These facilities provide the ideal meeting environment for our spring and fall general meetings as well as our board of directors, committee, special interest groups and round table discussion meetings.

We are sincerely grateful for the strong support these two organizations have provided in establishing the society as a viable organization as well as their assistance to further the development of the society. These meeting facilities will provide an excellent platform for the society to bring the HPC community together to share technology and maintain a dialog with all interested participants.