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Earl Dodd, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers, Inc. will present "High Performance Computing for Mortals" in the Plenary Session at the SHPCP Fall Technology

10 Oct 2010 3:58 PM | The Society of HPC Professionals (Administrator)

Earl Dodd,  Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers, Inc.

Presentation Title

High Performance Computing for Mortals: There are Drivers & there are Passengers


Presentation Abstract

As we were entertained at this year’s ISC “HPC: Future Technology Building Blocks” session, new approaches will not emerge from evolutionary changes in processor speed and scale from today’s petascale and future exascale systems. These ultrascale systems will require fundamental breakthroughs in hardware technology, programming models, algorithms and software at the system and application levels. And therein lies the issue: What does the vast majority of the world do with our “hand-me-down” terascale cyberinfrastructures? Earl Dodd will address leading-edge, best practices for terascale computing for what the Council on Competitiveness calls the “Missing Middle.” An overview of HPC access via cloud computing models, benchmarking, tools, techniques and skills development will be presentedundefinedgrounding us to what is possible today and helping us mere mortals take benefit of the HPC ecosystem.